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  1. You’re a really talented and lovely individual! Every time I’ve seen you talk, there are crowds all around. Any venue would be fortunate to have you bring in record crowds to entertain their patrons.

  2. I completely agree with Jim’s statement and can add that you are a amazing mentor and friend who continues to inspire me into the world of art and science. Thank you.

  3. Amanda,
    It was with great interest I read the article about you in the Tri-City Herald about the work you did with the Kennewick Man. Similar work was done with the remains of the Spirit Cave Man several years ago in Nevada by Sharon Long. I have written a prehistoric novel about this person but the scientific community still refuses to study this set of remains due to sensitivity of the local Indians. The two sets of remains appear to be brothers. I have written that they came by sea along the Aleutian Islands. You seem to confirm this possibility with your statement: “Subsisting mostly on saltwater marine mammals”
    Keep up the great work. Dennis Cassinelli

  4. Dennis,thank you for your comments. I was very honored to have the chance to work on Kennewick Man and thrilled to get to see the spot where he was discovered. I was even more thrilled to meet some of the people who were involved in the initial investigation.

    I understand the Indian’s initial position, the bulk of the information we had to that point suggested that there was on answer to the question of his relations.

    One of the aspects to this find and the ones that are similar (see Owsley/Walker’s book “Their Skeleton’s Speak”) is that there are more questions than answers. Long held theories such as Beringia are now in question and new evidence, scant as it may be, suggests new theories.

    I think you will find in the book mentioned above and in Doug Owsley and Richard Jantz’s new book is that Spirit Cave Man has been studied and yes, Sharon Long, a very accomplished and talented Forensic Sculptor and artist worked with Dr. Owsley on that reconstruction.

    One of the exciting things about this and the other fins is that we are in the middle of the mystery, not near the end. These new facts are inspiration to find more proof regardless of whether it supports an Aleutian Island Crossing or even a brand new idea.


  5. Amanda,
    Not readily finding another way to contact you so I am trying this. I am attending the TAS seminar this weekend in Columbus and you were brought up in general conversation.
    I have wondered for a while if skulls are accepted for donation as study pieces, especially if they have years of photographs to use to compare the student’s results with the actual person.
    You are the first in your field I have been able to ask. Will appreciate your insight and comments.

    1. Ira,
      there are facilities in New Orleans and in Tennessee that might take your donation. However, these are universities with huge collections and are not in need of another skull. However, if you were willing to loan it to me, I would like to do another blind study and I do not readily have access to collections with photographs of the living subject… I think that is what you mean. Feel free to get my number from Sandy, Sharon, Linda or one of the many TAS members who have it if you are interested in loaning it to me. I am taking something of a break this year from public speaking but will be doing some research and talks for only my closest friends such as TAS in June. Hope to see you there and hear from you in the interim.

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