Amanda Danning

Forensic Sculptor


Amanda has gained international recognition as a forensic sculptor. She has been commissioned by and worked with the Smithsonian Institute on several occasions. Her facial reconstructions have been the subjects of exhibits at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., other museum exhibits, History Channel specials and National Geographic programs.

Since 2010, her work has been featured in four books on forensics and now graces the cover of Kennewick Man by Dr. Douglas Owsley, Division Head of Anthropology and Head of Forensic Anthropology at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

With over twenty years of professional experience and an advanced degree in sculpture, Amanda Danning has more than 100 portraits in museums across the Nation. Working as a designer, fabricator and Exhibit Director, Amanda has extensive experience in the museum industry.

Amanda speaks professionally throughout Texas on the historical figures who are the subjects of her forensic work and speaks on the subject of sculpture.

Her presentations have set attendance records at several venues from Canyon, Texas to Beaumont. She shows her paintings and creative work at the Copper Shade Tree in Round Top, Texas and lives with her brilliant husband in Columbus, Texas.